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Lockdown Follows a police officer who returns to duty after recovering from a gun shot wound to discover incriminating evidence of illegal activities against those closest to him. He quickly finds himself trapped inside his own precinct, hunted and in search of the truth, as the crooked cops stop at nothing to recover the evidence.

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12 Rounds 3: Lockdown movie full length review - A whole new level of bad action movie

To be honest i don't know where to start... The movie started great!! Cool opening scene with the bad guys, and after we can see the main character in a funny scene which was bad-ass at the same time.

But that's it! From there the film goes downhill. The story is basically a corrupt cop vs good cop one, its a cliché but still had some potential... It lacks creativity big time, ctrl+c ctrl+v Die Hard 1 and hope they can cash in, i hope not! Dean Ambrose is a horrible actor in my opinion, i don't know who played Burke but i cheered for him during the whole time. The one liners are shameful! I mean did anyone else saw the scene when Shaw pull off the safety ring and the bad guy exploded??? Why no one liner there it screams for it? Not to mention the villain only shoots his mates, but no goddamn way he is even trying to kill the hero. Pathetic and they do it twice, the writers thought we forgot about the last one because it was 50 minutes ago? My mind was blown in so many scenes first Shaw calling Matthews for help, but not say anything about the info he has on Burke! I screamed WHY at the screen? No one shot at him, he was not forced to run away. He was like ahh who cares lets try to get myself killed. After that he runs into the new girl and said its not his blood, an officer died, but he was not the one who killed him. The girl is like: than explain it please, Shaw: I don't have time. What the hell??? WHAT THE HELL? He sends her right into Burke's arm without even informing her. Good job Shaw! And the ending office scene was the place where all hell breaks loose in this movie. Shaw kills the bad cops one by one when all 3 is in the same room. Was he stealthy? No he was goddamn fighting with them for like 30-60 sec meanwhile the others relaxing, as soon as the fight is over they start shooting... And at the same scene he shoots 2 bullets just to alert the bad boys where he is before he jumps, while during the whole movie he saved his bullets like diamonds??? And at the end Burke says u have two rounds..Shaw shoots a bad guy and says i have 1 round! Well you don't say man!!!??? Bad acting, avoiding any common sense, horrible one liners, but the camera angles etc.. was fine. If i have to see this once more i empty 12 rounds in my head. Thanks for reading my review and have a nice day! Sorry for my bad English.