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When an unprecedented amount of sinkholes erupt all over Florida, a new nest of fire spitting LAVALANTULAS is awakened… wreaking their fiery havoc all over the sunshine state.

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2 Lava 2 Lantula! movie full length review - Police Academy 8: Spiders on Patrol..

I've never seen the first one, but I know it's the next Sharknado franchise type thing that SyFy want to get off the ground, and after all Colton had a cameo in The Fourth Awakens.

So why not? The Sharknado films are a load of rubbish, but they know they are, and that's what makes them so watchable, they get sillier and sillier.

So Guttenberg was good in the eighties, he had the intelligence to bail on Police Academy when they were just becoming unbearable, so it can't be that terrible. Then I remembered about halfway through he went all action star in 1996, grew a mullet and made a film called Airborne.

20 years later....

The very difficult to say spiders have hit the beach where Colton's step-daughter, Raya, is taking a break from school.

Now an A-list movie star (the best joke of the film), Colton walks off the set of his latest blockbuster to save her.

Armed with specialised weapons, Colton, his personal assistant, and his best friend, Marty, race to save the residents of Florida......

And it's a lot of silly, wink at the camera rubbish....but I couldn't stop watching it. I don't know whether it was me wanting Winslow to start making his trademark noises, or getting the quiet one from Police Academy to do that aggressive shout she does when no one listens to her, or to see what film they could reference next, I couldn't stop watching it.

As expected, the effects are truly terrible, and a lot of the extras running on the beach just seem to be having too much fun to be fearing for their life, but this is what adds to the car crash element aspect of the film.

You know its terrible, but you can't help but watch.

Guttenberg is way over the top, Winslow looks ill for so,e reason, and the films they reference just don't make any sense. One minute it's Crocodile Dundee, the next its Miami Vice (talk about topical).

It's not got the cult value of Sharknado, but it's a lot of fun, although you won't admit it to anyone......will you?