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When an unprecedented amount of sinkholes erupt all over Florida, a new nest of fire spitting LAVALANTULAS is awakened… wreaking their fiery havoc all over the sunshine state.

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2 Lava 2 Lantula! movie full length review - Now lavalantulas attack the east coast!

The Santa Monica Mountains were finally rid of fire spewing giant tarantulas with major help from action movie star Colton West (Steve Guttenberg), making him a hero for saving Los Angeles.

Now while filming another big money movie this time in Florida, Colton will walk off the set with his friends to answer a distress call from his step-daughter Raya (Michele Weaver), sunbathing in Fort Lauderdale. Those lava spewing spiders are now attacking Florida. West will be forced to compete with the military, led by Colonel Jester (Martin Kove), to kill the biggest, baddest of them all...gargantulantula.

Neil Elman writes and Nick Simon directs this spider fest (filmed mostly in New Orleans) that features: Michael Winslow, Lorynn York, RJ Walker, Josh Sussman, Jimmy Bellinger, Eric Etebari and Marion Ramsey.