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Three former band mates enter a cave after hearing it has the power to give them what they need. As unsettling desires rise to the surface, they all wonder if the cave has real power.

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3 Nights in the Desert movie full length review - Heartfelt movie on old friendships

We grow up. We change. And yet we often want our friends to stay the same. Or better yet, to make up for how they may have hurt us a long time ago.

Sometimes we get that, sometimes we don't, and sometimes the fiercest, most passionate friendships come to blows. 3 Days in the Desert is a heartfelt story about those sorts of relationships, and how we try to make them better, but maybe learn something about who we are in the process. It's at times funny, but mostly appropriately sensitive and rueful about a lost friendship that could be rekindled. The writing is terrific, the cinematography is gorgeous and Wes Bentley and Amber Tamblyn shimmer in their roles. Believable but also magnetic. The other character, Barry, could have been softened in a lot of ways, but I find it really interesting that he wasn't. Can we be generous to the person whose dream changed along the way? Can we forgive the friend who broke our heart? This movie gives you a lot to think about. Watch it and then call an old friend. They want to hear from you too, I bet.