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A young couple bound by a seemingly ideal love, begins to unravel as unexpected opportunities spin them down a volatile and violent path and threaten the future they had always imagined.

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6 Years movie full length review - Irritating...if you're over 25...

*possible spoilers* I found this grating to watch. I just wanted to kick her butt the entire time. It was obvious what the problem was and who was the cause.

She wants him to give up all his dreams, but she wasn't offering him a better alternative in return for all this loyalty she expected from him.

She does what many girls do. She makes him her life, her future, her career choice, her everything. All healthy relationships have a me time and you time, then there is a you and your friends, a me and my friends, a we and our friends time. This is where the trust comes in. It has to be that way to stay sane.

To put it simple this movie is about one person outgrowing another person. IT happens and the thing about young love is no one says that the person you loved all through your youth is the person you have to spend your adult life with. Obviously, He wants to grow up and go to the next level of life called "become a responsible adult" and she wanted to still be high school while playing at house. I don't know if that's a race, thing but my mother and grandmother would never allowed the spending the night and screwing in their house in the first place. They figure then you can afford to get a hotel or do it somewhere else, then you're old enough to accept all the responsibilities that come with being sexually active.

In this movie they try to be very realistic to the fact that most young relationships are destroyed by too much drinking and partying. Unless you both are into the scene, it gets really tiresome for the sober one to always be the logical and responsible one.

Life is too short to spend the best years of your life babysitting your lover. It's okay if you no longer want to be the one to make sure this person get home safe, don't end up in bed with some stranger, or have unprotected sex with someone you both know. Trying to get you to not drive drunk, because you never think you're drunk. Then there is the staying up all night making sure they don't vomit in their sleep and most of all you don't want to deal with the violent tendencies that you've warned them about time and again when they wonder where your scratches and bruises come from the next day.

In this movie I felt at some point someone would realize she was bipolar and get her some help.

No matter how long you've been together, 6 years or 6 months. not even the sexual chemistry you may have together can outweigh a partner's dysfunctional tendency.

Know if you give up your dreams for another person you will eventually resent and blame your failures on that other person. Never invest your complete happiness in another person, it's too much responsibility on another person and simply it isn't fare to someone you supposedly love. life sucks.