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A fictional documentary-style expose on the rivalry between two tennis stars who battled it out in a 1999 match that lasted seven days.

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7 Days in Hell movie full length review - The Inser/Mahut Tennis Match is as Funny as its Parody

This film was not half as good as it could have been.

The combination and culmination of real tennis (i.e. John McEnroe and being set on Wimbledon turf) set up what could have been a unique, delicate comedy mockumentary. My expectations were high. Watched at a time briefly after Wimbledon, having played tennis for numerous years and been a tennis watcher for even more years, the subject matter sounded, at first glance, as something to be admired.

This was all too premature. The film, alas, was neither delicate nor unique. The subject matter, yes, sounded funny, but the execution was far from it for the most part.

The set up is, two contrasting tennis personalities end up (in unlikely circumstances) playing the longest tennis match ever played. So far, so good. One is a flamboyant eccentric - with a personality not too far from McEnroe himself - the other, a shy prospect whose life is dictated by an obsessive mother. Again, so far, so good. Thus the set up sounds OK, and thus I was enticed.

What is not so good, however, is the abrupt hyperbole, stupidity and ignorant "jokes" that are passed off as humorous. In short, the film quickly becomes a mess. Most of the gags revolve around the sex driven nature of Aaron Williams (Samberg) or the idiocy of his counterpart (Harrington). The jokes had no backbone. They were bland and hollow. The characters became caricature and the film introduced Michael Sheen as a talk show host who seemed more like a sexually deprived Winston Churchill.

The film wasn't completely bad, for there were moments that deserve merit. The rally that lasted for ages was genuinely clever and funny. Aaron Williams playing with only his left hand got a few laughs. But the films mistake was that this sort of humour was too often replaced with a c**k, a ball or just full frontal sex.

A disappointing film. If taken more seriously the film could have been what it should have been. However, the moments that were funny, were definitely funny and I did laugh. I just didn't laugh enough. Overall, the record breaking Inser/Mahut tennis match was actually as funny as its parody.