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A man involved in a horrific car crash is pronounced dead, only to come back to life an hour and a half later, claiming to have seen Heaven.

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90 Minutes in Heaven movie full length review - @ Bob Rutzel

I haven't seen the movie yet as I was reading the reviews to see if it might be worthwhile. I rarely respond to comments/reviews but the leading page review by Bob Rutzel caught my eye with his comment about what he thinks "..Catholics say..".

First of all, Catholics don't all say the same thing on many matters. We are free to choose what we believe and practice as long as we remain faithful to what is fundamental to the Gospel and authoritative Church teaching.

Many beliefs, and practices especially, are left up to the individual to determine if they find them helpful in respect to their Faith and growth in Love of God and our fellow man.

I've read that ..."Science tells us from birth to 33 our body reaches its peak. After that the body starts to decline..."

This being the case, and also being in accord with much Catholic speculation on the subject, it would make sense that our "residing age" (if I can call it that) would be the age at which humans roach their peak.

Any attempt to "nail things down" any more than this is, in my opinion, ultimately futile as it will be a "New Heaven and a New Earth" in which our immortal bodies reside and we will share in the very life of the Trinity. The Gospels say that once He was resurrected, Christ took on whatever appearance He saw as beneficial to the situation. As heaven is unity with Christ, I imagine we will be able to do the same if it is in any way necessary for our eternal happiness.

It is still ultimately very much a mystery, as "age" is a construct of time which will not exist in eternity.

Having said that, I believe St. Thomas Aquinas puts things quite succinctly and beautifully.

St. Thomas Aquinas speculates: ....Man will rise again without any defect of human nature, because as God founded human nature without a defect, even so will He restore it without defect. Now human nature has a twofold defect. First, because it has not yet attained to its ultimate perfection. Secondly, because it has already gone back from its ultimate perfection. The first defect is found in children, the second in the aged: and consequently in each of these human nature will be brought by the resurrection to the state of its ultimate perfection which is in the youthful age, at which the movement of growth terminates, and from which the movement of decrease begins (Summa Suppl. 81.1).

I suppose it is this type of speculation which give rise to statements about "What Catholics say".

Time, or rather eternity, will tell for certain.