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After his family is evicted from their home, proud and desperate construction worker Dennis Nash tries to win his home back by striking a deal with the devil and working for Rick Carver, the corrupt real estate broker who evicted him.

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99 Homes movie full length review - Great concept with an average execution. 5/10

Review: I really liked the concept of this movie because it shines a light on the heartless, legal and illegal ins and-outs of the foreclosure game.

With so many people being evicted from there houses because they can't afford there mortgage payments, you really get to see the technical side of how these, so-called bailiffs, get the rights to turf people out, onto streets, without a care about there families or belongings. I know that these people are just doing there jobs and are following the law but it still touched me to see the families who really don't have anywhere to turn. Anyway, Andrew Garfield plays a recently unemployed construction worker, Dennis Nash, whose a single father living with his mum, Lynn Nash (Laura Dern) and young son Connor (Noah Lomax), who have been evicted from there home. Real estate operator Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) is in charge of the eviction and he uses local police officers as protection, to enforce the law on the various people who plead to stay in there house. After being evicted, Dennis moves his family into a small hotel, which has numerous evicted families residing there. The following morning, Dennis goes to Rick's office to take back some tools that his workers stole from him during his eviction and Rick ends up offering him a job because he's impressed with his determination to get his goods back. He starts out as a repairman for Rick and then he soon moves up the ladder to become Rick's assistant, helping him to carry out evictions and set up real estate schemes that exploit government and banking rules to the disadvantage of struggling home owners. Dennis tells Rick to keep the payments so he can buy back his family home but the legal process prevents them to move in immediately. After a while, an evicted home owner recognises Dennis and threatens his life, so Dennis makes a deal with Rick, to buy a more luxurious house so he can get his family to safety. When Dennis reveals there new home to his mother, she isn't very impressed with the fact that he sold there old family home and she is repulsed that they have got there new-found wealth from turfing out honest homeowners with financial problems. Lynn then leaves there new house with Connor, who is also unhappy that he has sold there family home and they go to stay with Lynn's brother, Frank Greene (Tim Guinee). Meanwhile, Rick is trying to put together a multi-million dollar real estate deal which is being jeopardised by a legal case brought by a home owner he is trying to evict. Under Rick's orders, Dennis sends a forged document to court, so they can close the deal and when they try to evict Frank Greene, whose Lynn's brother, it turns into a stand-off, involving police and firearms. When Dennis tells him about the forged document, Frank stands down and is arrested, along with Dennis. It just shows how far some people will go to protect there property! Although this movie didn't blow up at the box office, it touches on a subject matter which a lot of people can relate to and it shows the hidden world of estate agents who try and make a quick buck from these troubled homeowners. I was impressed with MMichael Shannon's performance and Andrew Garfield showed some true emotion through the movie, but I would have picked another actor to play the lead because I personally think that he lacks screen charisma, which is why I wouldn't have picked him to play Spiderman. I also found the film to be very one toned and it seemed to be going round and round in circles at one point but it's still entertaining because of the emotional content. Anyway, it's worth a watch but I can't see myself watching again anytime soon. Watchable!

Round-Up: Michael Shannon, 41, is one of those under-rated actors who has starred in some top films but has always seemed to be in the background. His impressive filmography kicks of with Groundhog Day in 1993 and then he had small roles in Chain Reaction, Tigerland, Vanilla Sky, Pearl Harbor, 8 Mile, High Crimes, Bad Boys II, The Woodsman and World Trade Center. Although people don't remember him in those movies, he definitely made his presence known in Revolutionary Road, which was a great performance and movies like Bad Lieutenant, Jonah Hex, Take Shelter and Machine Gun Preacher brought him to the forefront in cinema but I personally think that it was his performance in Iceman that really showed his unique acting skills. With some impressive movies in the pipeline, which include Batman vs. Superman and Elvis & Nixon, he's obviously been taken seriously in Hollywood because of the top movies that he's been cast in. Anyway, this movie was directed by Ramin Bahrani, 40, who brought you At Any Price with Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron but his previous work is unheard of. I liked the fact that he took on the challenge to bring this subject matter to the big screen so I have to give him props for that but it still lacked a certain something which would of made it a hit.

Budget: $8million Worldwide Gross: $1.7million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their dramatic movies starring Michael Shannon, Andrew Garfield, Clancy Brown, Laura Dern and Tim Guinee. 5/10