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"A Christmas Melody" revolves around Kristin, a beautiful, stylish divorcee who is a talented clothing designer and her young daughter. Kristin has just had to close her small Manhattan boutique to return to her Ohio home town and live in her parents' former home. It's an adjustment for Kristin and Emily - especially when she runs into her former high school rival Melissa.

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A Christmas Melody movie full length review - Excellent Hallmark Christmas movie

I've watched almost all of the Hallmark movies this season. This was definitely one of the best. The acting was good, and the conflicts weren't dragged out. I like most of the Lacey Chabert Hallmark movies. While it was predictable, it was well executed.

The musical performance was one of the better Christmas Festivals. Obviously, this was helped by Mariah's directing.

Most of the Hallmark movies with this plot requires the female to give up her "dream", but this one just pointed out that the dream could be pursued in a more supportive location.

My only criticism was there was a bit of overindulgence of children's "attitudes" in the movie.