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"A Christmas Melody" revolves around Kristin, a beautiful, stylish divorcee who is a talented clothing designer and her young daughter. Kristin has just had to close her small Manhattan boutique to return to her Ohio home town and live in her parents' former home. It's an adjustment for Kristin and Emily - especially when she runs into her former high school rival Melissa.

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A Christmas Melody movie full length review - Headshots

Don't get me wrong, I love all Christmas shows, Mariah Carey and Lacey Chabert, but the closeups of Mariah were starting to freak me out. Was she pregnant while filming? That might make sense. Aside from the freaky head shots, I enjoyed this show.

I've followed Lacey in many, if not all, of the movies she has made for Hallmark and have enjoyed every one of them. Mariah's music worked well in this movie and it didn't disappoint. The young girl who played Emily was a cutie. I can't wait to see more of her on Hallmark in the future.

Although, the plots are the same on the Christmas shows, I don't mind and will continue watching the Hallmark channel for years to come.