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During a shaky 24-hour holiday truce amid the Battle of the Bulge, American Captain John Myers and a Belgian farm girl, Alina, fall in love. Forced to separate when fighting resumes, the couple vows to reunite, under a bell tower, the first Christmas Eve after the war ends, if each is alive and eager.

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A Christmas Truce movie full length review - Enjoyable and Touches Different Scenes

I did not plan on watching this movie. I had just turned off my work laptop after dealing with over stress. I turned on the TV and ended up at the beginning of this movie and I am so glad I did.

It had me forget everything else but the movie and for that alone I appreciate the movie. For me, the movie was perfect. A good story, good acting, good camera work. There may have been a detail or two that was historically incorrect but I did not notice and I didn't care. I highly recommend this movie if you want a good story and sit back and relax in the Christmas spirit. It will become one of my favorite Christmas movies right up there with 'A Christmas Carol' which also had an inaccuracy (cameraman in glass). Best enjoyable time out I have had all season.