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On the brink of the 2007 U.S. troop surge, two Army Recruiters face the daunting pressures of recruitment while their own deployment is on the line. Sgt. Harris (Lew Temple) has been stationed in the recruiting office long enough for it to feel like home. On the other side of the world, a roadside bomb rips through a Humvee, and after recovering from the attack, Sgt. Mason (Clayne Crawford) gets reassigned and winds up in Harris's office. Mason wants to go back to the front lines, but he finds out that the war isn't confined to the battlefield.

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A Fighting Season movie full length review - A Fighting Season

This is a powerhouse film that captures the hardship and abhorrence that U.S. Troops and Recruits must face. This film is a complete delight packed with a painful heart throbbing vision.

Director, Oden Roberts, takes a much deserved journey that will open your eyes when it comes to our views on the 'war at home'. Clayne Crawford masks the pain with strength that it can bring you to tears he pulls it off so well. Lew Temple shows you what pure acting dedication is. This is a movie that will rattle your cage. First time writing/director Oden Roberts has this way to his majestic type of film making it's almost as if you're watching a piece of art made into a motion picture.