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Starring Meredith Hagner, Travis Milne and Beverley Mitchell, “A Gift Wrapped Christmas” chronicles personal shopper Gwen’s newest client, Charlie, a high-rolling, workaholic, single father. When Gwen meets his 8-year-old son during a package drop, she is saddened to see just how little time Charlie spends with him. Determined to get Charlie to appreciate his family, Gwen makes it her Christmas mission to get him into the festive spirit. As she gets closer to Charlie and Owen, she also discovers what she wants for the holidays.

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A Gift Wrapped Christmas movie full length review - No need for logic, just make everything look pretty

I'll start by saying that I didn't hate this movie, although it was filled with clichés and unlikely events, and followed the plot of any other Hallmark movie (it's almost the same story as in October Kiss, except that this time it's Christmas, not Halloween).

After all, it was so glittery, colorful and filled with Christmas cheer, that many things didn't matter so much. So I pretended that it was normal for a personal shopper to go over her client's indications and buy on his behalf the gifts she thought were appropriate (who cares what the client wants), regardless of how much they cost (after all, the client seemed to afford it). But what I had a problem with was the whole widower background of the male character. Supposedly, his wife died recently enough for him to still be upset about it, but she's been dead long enough for him to have a serious girlfriend / potential fiancé - so I would say, 2-3 years ago. His child, who is supposed to be 8 years old (although he seems younger), has memories of many Christmases spent with his mom and dad at a little cottage, but he says that for the past few years (after the mother died), they don't go there for Christmas anymore. It would be highly unlikely that a kid that young would remember not one, but many Christmases with his family, that happened at least 2-3 years before the present day (so when he was 5-6 years old and younger). I would buy it if it was one Christmas, but not "we used to do this every year, and then...". Other than that, it was just another Hallmark holiday movie, with all the usual items (nobody worries about the money when it comes to expensive gifts and holiday decorations, quirky girl changes the grumpy guy in just a few days, both lead actors have great voices and do a perfect duet singing a carol, snow starts to fall just at the right moment, etc., etc.).