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Four people, four extraordinary stories. All lived out within a hundred London streets.

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A Hundred Streets movie full length review - Lives in London

This film tells the story of several residents in inner London. They are from different social classes, ranging from a sport superstar living in fancy mansions, to young man who struggles to break free from being a small time criminal.

I can't even remember why I wanted to watch it in the first place. Perhaps it was because of the two notable stars, Idris and Gemma. They portray a couple who are going through relationship issues, but unfortunately their story is not very engaging. The ending of their story is simply unrealistic and over-dramatised. For the subplot of the young man who wants to embark on the right path, it is the more engaging story. It is sad that his mentor died, but unfortunately the story telling just is not very captivating. This subplot should evoke sympathy and emotions, but it does nothing to me. Maybe it is because the characters in the film have little emotional displays, they just get on with their lives in an ordinary manner. The resultant film is not as touching or affecting as one could have hoped.