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A high school senior must choose between enrolling at the college of her dreams and remaining at home to take care of her bipolar mother.

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A Light Beneath Their Feet movie full length review - "A Light Beneath Their Feet" Shines Brightly

"A Light Beneath Their Feet" is an insightful, beautiful, and enlightening film about bipolar disorder, relationships, belonging, and the need for independence.

It's tough enough being 17, but imagine being 17 and having a mother with bipolar disorder.  Now, imagine this 17 year old, like any other senior in high school, wanting to branch out and go to college half way across the country, but feels obligated to stay nearby and care for her mother.  Beth's own inner demons of obligation and the need for independence are eloquently portrayed in "The Light Beneath Their Feet."

Taryn Manning (Gloria) and Madison Davenport (Beth) star in this engaging coming of age film where the roles of care-giving seem to be reversed. With realistic performances by Manning and Davenport that truly capture this cruel disorder and its effects, "A Light Beneath Their Feet" allows you to see inside the life and mind of a woman and a family battling to "be normal."

Portraying emotion that is honest and true is credited to not only the writer, actors, and the talented director of photography, but also to a perceptive director. In coordinating every aspect of filmmaking, "Light" is not only a sensitive piece, it is also an intelligent one.