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Documentary filmmakers assert that Anthony Porter - a former death-row inmate who was spared the death penalty thanks to the efforts of a college journalism program - was actually guilty, and an innocent man was sent to prison.

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A Murder in the Park movie full length review - One of the most disturbing documentaries you will ever see

Highly recommended ? this is one of the most fascinating and disturbing documentaries I have ever seen.

It shows what happens when a seemingly civic-minded professor of journalism sets out under the banner of the Innocence Project to see that justice is done in a murder case. In reality, the professor is a sociopathic media huckster with a book deal and Hollywood movie in mind. He is eventually revealed as a complete fraud, and his helpful student volunteers as a pack of unprincipled idiots, but not before they have collectively succeeded in getting the guilty man released from prison, and framing an innocent man for the crime. The twists and turns in this terrible tale are too convoluted to get into here. Suffice it to say, this is an astonishing, meticulously documented and brilliantly crafted documentary about what happens when an uncritical media, disinterested justice system, and various conscienceless manipulators get together and turn justice on its head. Filmmaking at its most brilliant and most effective.