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A university teacher gets caught shoplifting by a security guard, who won’t let him go. He becomes his new best friend and says ‘I won’t call the cops if you come and have a pint with me’. From there a twisted romance of sorts unfolds.

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A Patch of Fog movie full length review - A look at loneliness from an unusual angle

A Patch of Fog is a small Irish film about a security guard who blackmails a celebrity he finds shoplifting into being his friend.

This is a small film that probably would have worked better if it was cut down in length and used as a one hour TV drama. Saying that it still manages to be reasonably entertaining.

The two leads do a good job especially Stephen Graham who shows his versatility here as the lonely man just looking for friendship but going about it the wrong way. Although both actors are great the one slight downfall was that neither character manages to garner much sympathy from the audience which left me a little detached from the events that followed.

Overall I thought this was a decent small film and it did have a very good ending which makes it worth sitting through.