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A Young Attorney looks to gain a position at a Prestigious Law firm while secretly dating his Boss' Daughter

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A Weekend with the Family movie full length review - Don't waste your time

The film is like a bad movie from the 80's... The idea was great , maybe not so much original but it's take you to the new Asian black thing no one talking a bout.

the Asian culture is very popular now so it could have been something unique, but it's all end with the idea because it's like white racist wrote this script. what the most annoying is the Korean wife not really Korean and she speak with accent, she even doesn't look like Korean woman and not acting like one . they just using the Chinese stereotypes and it's not funny at all. We'v seen Al ready the black poor family that acts like animals in front of the reach black family that couldn't accept this nature, and by "this nature" i mean "the black nature" they are ignorance, aggressive, sexual and all those stereotypes we all know ,but is it sum up with this dumb old superstitions? i don't think the audience even the white ones believe this anymore or this make them laugh.