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Sara Shaw is the type of woman who prefers to sit on the sidelines at work, but when her big idea for a Christmas initiative is stolen, she makes a wish to Santa that she'll finally have the courage to stand up for herself. Santa grants her wish, but only gives her 48 hours. As the clock ticks, Sara will discover how to channel the Christmas magic and speak her mind all on her own.

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A Wish for Christmas movie full length review - Missed the mark

Lacey Chabert has made a niche for herself in the popular Hallmark movies of Christmas. Generally her movies have been above the norm and quite good. Unfortunately this one was not.

A Hallmark Christmas romantic comedy has a narrow range of possibilities and outcomes so four factors make it work or not.

One, is it romantic. Sorry, but not here. The male leads character was a jerk who makes his employees work on Christmas and refusing to see his family on the Holidays even though he was in town. The better romance would have been between him and Lacey's co-worker. Her role should have been expanded as it would have made the movie at least more comedic.

Two, it is funny. No, this one was not generally funny nor really tried to be.

Three, is it supported by good side characters and subplots that make the story enjoyable. This is more true here but still it was below par.

Four, does it have meaning to the Christmas season. While this is kind of true here, it still could have been set in March by finding a leprechaun as easily as it was set in the Christmas season.

All in all, while to be fair there are some good moments, specifically Lacey telling off her supervisor at the Christmas party, and nice elements generally it fails to really be romantic or funny which is not a good combination for a romantic comedy.