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Aanandam is a 2016 Indian Malayalam campus musical film written and directed by Ganesh Raj in his directorial debut. Vineeth Sreenivasan produces the film under the banner of Habit Of Life with Vinod Shornur under Cast N Crew.

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Aanandam movie full length review - Nostalgia at its best!!

Aanadam is a trip down to memory lane which brings back college days in a lovable way. I can't write what I felt when I watched it. You need to feel Aanandam. Go and watch.

Must see. #Iniaanandame will be the hashtag you will be writing after watching it. The characters are interesting and the story is simple but mesmerizing . There are some funny cameos by Nivin Pauly and Aju Varghese. And a predictable cameo by Ranji Panicker as a perfect dad which we have seen in the past.

Finally the whole new gen fresh faces were pretty good. Also Rony David as the serious (but funny) teacher was cool. Anyway you will thoroughly enjoy Aanandam.. #Iniaanandame... :)