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Aanandam is a 2016 Indian Malayalam campus musical film written and directed by Ganesh Raj in his directorial debut. Vineeth Sreenivasan produces the film under the banner of Habit Of Life with Vinod Shornur under Cast N Crew.

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Aanandam movie full length review - Surprisingly boring

What can I say about this movie which is supposed to be all about youthful exuberance.. I am very disappointed to say, but its a cliché fest..

Yes camera , cinematography,actors r all beautiful,but the collective is just not up to the mark... Yes they try hard to take us back to the nostalgia of good old college days, but the effort seems so forced..I don't think this movie appeal to anyone other than hopeless romantic s.. They have roped in nivin Pauli as well for some feel good monologue s .. yes the screen is filled with colours n laughter, but somehow the soul is missing... They should have made the plot more interesting, other than totally depending on the visuals n cliché dialogues..Its like taking a short- cut,