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Fourteen years after they parted ways, a chance meeting sees Cinta reunite with Rangga while she and her girlfriends are on vacation in Yogyakarta.

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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 movie full length review - Hey, what's up with love?

So, first things first I'll say feel free to judge this movie as you see fit as I will judge this one from my point of view as a pretty die hard fan.

Let's speak frankly here, first of course the movie isn't perfect. Heck it's not even close to the first one. Why? Because the condition is not like what it used to be. We're not here to see "Geng Cinta" as a bunch of happy and innocent high school girls. They are adults now.

Second, I agree that it felt a bit rushed in the production, bunch of plothole and all. Still though, for me you can't cover all those years lost in Rangga and Cinta's love life in just about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Third, well I do miss Alya as she was the one who tied the gang and still supporting Cinta to chase after Rangga and made all of this possible. Because she can't join the shooting she was written out of the second movie, well I can't blame the crews though, they have schedule as well here, so that's that. A shame, but the shooting must go on.

Lastly, "it's too much drama". Well IT IS A DRAMA MOVIE, so don't complain about the amount of drama in the movie, instead I'll say this: How they handle the drama is actually not bad. Yes it's cheesy but isn't that what romance movie does? Creating a cheesy situation and then end it with a fluttering romance in your hearts? And I must say that they did it pretty good.

Oh and 1 more thing that I love from AADC 2 is that the product placement isn't that much disturbing, it is proportionally placed and actually feels pretty natural. Also I love the Soundtrack, Melly Goeslaw and Anto Hoed did a decent job again in the series, well done! So, I would recommend the movie to others, first and foremost to the ones that had watched the prequel. For me it's 8/10.