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Fourteen years after they parted ways, a chance meeting sees Cinta reunite with Rangga while she and her girlfriends are on vacation in Yogyakarta.

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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 movie full length review - An Unnecassary Sequel

I really love Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC)(2002). I love the whole thing of it. Cinta (Dian Sastro) carries the whole movie by herself. Kayaknya we were diving into her soul, her mind, her spirit in AADC (2002). That confusion, sadness, happiness, passion shown by Cinta was really damn good.

But sadly though, AADC 2 was too damn disappointing. In addition to that, if you watch it in Malaysia, all the kissing scene (3 Kissing Scene) have been cut. Sangat "Cibai". A real "Potong Stim".The movie itself was already crappy plus the cut, it could have never been shittier. From the start of the movie till the end I couldn't stop myself from peeking at my watch, hoping that it will end, but dammit it doesn't end any sooner than I thought. It was really dreadfully long. It was like you were being forced to eat something that you didn't love, let say "Bakso". And then even when you're full, you're still being forced to eat it even more and more and in the end, you'll end up puking. So what are the things that actually made this AADC 2 super crap and super bad? Well 1st of all is because I expect AADC 2 to be a good drama about love, to explore deeply and dive into what have been happening to Rangga & Cinta after so many years.Tapi what did you get were a lot of stupid jokes by Milly, which made the movie turned a bit into a stinky comedy-romance movie. I really don't think that the comedy elements are necessary since if i wanted to watch comedy i wouldn't have watch AADC2.Instead, I'll be watching Zoolander 2 or some other things. All the "try to be funny" and comedy elements were so unnecessary for me. 2nd, all the things looks kinda made up. For example like you've made yourself a perfect house.A damn perfect house. But somehow, you felt like like you wanted to add something to it which in the end made your house from "Perfect" turned to "Garbage". That story about Rangga's mom was like being made up just for the sake of that "Coincidence" cliché.3rd, is because of Cinta (Dian Sastro). I do believe in her talents and her soul based on AADC(2002). But sadly in AADC2, the director doesn't really focus on her at all. We must know that the strength of AADC is Cinta. She's the heart of it. But by downplaying her role, it really really leave a hole in the movie. A big hole really, that can't be fixed by Rangga's coolness.

To be honest, i really do regret spending my money to watch this. I should have watched other piece of crap instead of this stinky AADC2. Credit goes to Melly Goeslaw for creating a good song for this movie. But your song can't fix the cancer of this movie though. Astalavista, I'm not giving any rating to this movie because it deserves a negative.