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Struggling artist finds a century old diary and along with the diary comes the ghost of a girl with unfinished business in the mortal world.

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Adaline movie full length review - so so bad

I have always tried to leave positive feedback. I like the idea of making someone feel good when they deserve it. Unfortunately, I chose to leave feedback that isn't good today.

This movie was so bad, I just spent the last half an hour searching for it on Google, finally locating it on IMDb, and now leaving a review. It was not scary. It was so boring. I regret watching it.the main character doesn't scream until the end. I couldn't tell if this was a murder horror or a ghost horror. Its neither. Its the type of horror where you die from boredom. I'm trying to post this review, but IMDb wants ten lines. I don't even want to make the effort, but I feel like other people need to know how terrible this movie was. How did this even get a 7.6 on IMDb!? That rating beats Rocky 5. I would rather watch Rocky 5 on repeat for the rest of my life than be subject to this movie again. Please, whatever you do, don't watch this!