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In this retelling of the classic tale, Aladdin is an out of work indie-rock singer living in a video-game-world ruled by a perverted technology-obsessed Sultan.

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Adam Green's Aladdin movie full length review - Very weird and visionary film - nothing quite like it

Aladdin as you have never seen it, as a parable for modern want and waste. Both grim and uplifting, the flawed characters in this film are oddly familiar, if literally cartoonish.

I've seen Green's previous film (the Wrong Ferarri) and enjoyed it. But Adam Green's Aladdin is a giant leap forward. Green himself seems to have led every aspect of this film - acting, set/costumes, music, script, and production, and the result is a unique ejection of the director's brain onto the screen. There's nothing quite like this movie out there, and I'm disappointed it didn't get a bigger run in theaters. The best part is that it is never boring, as weird as it gets at times.