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Two co-dependent sisters, a recovering sex addict and a lonely lesbian who work as hotel maids in Fresno, go to ludicrous lengths to cover up an accidental crime.

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Addicted to Fresno movie full length review - A lot of fun

I saw this yesterday at a sold out Newfest screening in NYC. The audience loved it. I wouldn't say that this movie is the next "Some Like it Hot" or "Sullivan's Travels" but it was a lot of fun.

When I saw it, the audience was laughing a lot and they howled at the Bar Mitzvah scene and the 'fellatio' scene too.

Today I see three negative reviews here. Two, it would seem at least, are from men. One of whom tags himself: cinnyaste? I see that he has written 80 reviews here at IMDb. The two others are strangely similar, and were posted on the same day, the second by a reviewer who had only been an IMDb member for one day when this one solitary review was posted?

The audience at Newfest was more women than men. The two stars of the movie are women as are the writer and director. Cinnyaste (I guess the common spelling was already taken) claims: "Another misstep is the addition of a neither-here-nor-there LGBT agenda which doesn't mix well with the main story" Agenda? Let me say that again, Agenda????? Since one of the two sisters is a lesbian would subtracting her sexuality from the story have given the "main plot" of the movie less of a LGBT agenda? Well I guess it would. The resulting half plot would have been much less agendified.

The other sister has problems with an addiction and a codependency between the two runs as a serious thread throughout the film. However this is primarily a comedy and I can assure you the that there were a lot of laughs. Although this movie was admittedly a low budget quickie, which was mostly shot in the motel where it took place, it was much better than these two...... sorry three..... reviewers would have you believe.

To the reviewer who complains that he doesn't believe that any of the creative team are from Fresno... gasp!... I would point out that this story could have taken place in any one of a thousand small cities across this country. A recurring complaint about so many American cities these days is that they are all very nearly the same.