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A man who returns home to find his wife cheating on him on their anniversary. He holds her and her naked and humiliated lover captive at gunpoint while he decides whether or not he's going to kill them. The story, inspired by true events, takes place over one day and is set in New Orleans during a stifling heat wave.

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Adulterers movie full length review - You can feel the anguish in this film...

The film begins with Sammy returning home early from work to surprise his wife with gifts on their anniversary. He finds her home early and she is "getting busy" with another man. He quietly closes the door, goes and grabs his guns then comes back up stairs...

The question that comes up is: Who has the right to judge? Does Sammy have the right to judge? Just because someone betrays us, are we supposed to take the law into our own hands? Or does this go deeper than that. Is it Justice Sammy wants?

I appreciate the excellent acting given by the characters. Their response to the situation: the anguish, the hurt, the sadness and pain could be felt in this film. I gave this film a high rating because of topic matter and acting skills.

This film contains all kinds of graphic language, violence, and nudity. Just a warning.