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A librarian facing a mid-life crisis travels to Costa Rica.

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After Words movie full length review - fun adventure in Costa Rica

When Jane's library job closes down, she takes a trip to Costa Rica to get away. There, she immediately meets tour guide "Juan", who has decided he will take advantage of her, for money, and maybe even for more.

Marcia Harden is Jane, who has always been closed in and private, so getting used to the ways of this new country will take some time. They visit one of the parks, where we get to see some beautiful exotic animals. Juan tracks her down at her hotel at an in-opportune time, and convinces her to explore the countryside with him. Hanging out with Juan and seeing the beauty of this foreign land may change her outlook on life. Plain, simple script. Great performances by the (two) actors. There is a dark, moody, brooding, airy side to Jane, which hangs over the entire story. Juan spends the film cheering her up, and kind of forcing her to enjoy herself. Cute story. It has a small, indie feel to it. Good first full length film by Feldman. My one complaint would be the subtitles... they are white, and frequently they can't be seen, when the background is white, yellow, or even light. and when they ARE visible, there are some mistakes here and there. Overall very enjoyable film. Currently showing on Showtime channel.

Written, directed, produced, and edited by Juan Feldman. I see the production company was mano a mano films, which only has one other U.S. film, "The Prey".... which also happens to be a Juan Feldman production.