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An agoraphobic inherits her father's house in a remote part of the Florida Keys. When weird things start happening, she discovers that there's something far more terrifying trapped inside the house with her.

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Agoraphobia movie full length review - Tony Todd!

This movie is a complete ripoff from one of the Outer Limits episodes. But the execution is quite alright, so it worked OK in the end.

After so many indie projects, here comes this one, with an old premise, some B class acting, B type actors and some mystery involved. The death scenes are laughable, the story doesn't always make lots of sense and the reaction from the characters are truly amusing. It is clear that the budget did not help this movie, except maybe to get Tony Todd involved.

It's just another horror like so many seen before, regarding the plot, the way it was made, shows that it couldn't pass its own boundaries.