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Ahalya, set as a modern-day thriller, is an ode to a legend from Ramayana. The 14-minute-long film replays the deadly game of Gods, spinning a web of intrigue, seduction, desire and mystery between Gods and Apsaras. Ahalya is a deadly game you can’t escape.

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Ahalya movie full length review - Bollywood should move on to Short Movies concept.

After watching this short film I have google'd the word "Ahalya" because I was totally unaware about the concept behind it, and I found this

"""In Hindu mythology, Ahalya (Sanskrit: ??????, IAST Ahalya), also known as Ahilya, is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. Many Hindu scriptures say that she was seduced by Indra (the king of the gods), cursed by her husband for infidelity, and liberated from the curse by Rama (an avatar of the god Vishnu).""""

The short movie was brilliant with it's core meaning, Mr Sujoy Ghosh has made a brilliant attempt to make this. It is really shocking for me that how could a 14 minute movie made me so much enthralled with it's story. Radhika Apte being the hot chic was also sincere in her act.

Bollywood people surely needs to move on to the short movies concept!!!