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A creative teenage girl is placed into a mind-altering procedure to civilise her, while news of a virus epidemic spreads throughout the world.

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Aimy in a Cage movie full length review - not for the sane

It was absolutely perfect in every way. The lead's acting was off the chart...I was really impressed and giggling along sometimes at the character's antics and the way she just ripped right into her role, it must have been just fabulous on set.

.. It was the very first time I'm not very impressed by Mr. Glover simply because I felt like he was doing a woody harrelson thing or something, but I love him anyway and the role could have been more well defined or rounded as a character, but overall, it fit. I loved Miss Paz, she added an extra kick, and I just loved the writing & the set design. The lighting was also absolutely perfect. Perfect movie.