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A couple on the brink of ending their marriage spend a weekend in different cities. After a cataclysmic event strikes, the husband embarks on a physical and emotional quest to return home as a nation prepares for the worst.

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Alienate movie full length review - Don't forget to lock the back door.

Man goes to Denver to give his wife some space and world begins to fall apart. Planes crash and people stand around in the street with vacant looks on their faces. News reports wonder what is happening and so will the viewer.

One of the worst aspects of this really terrible alien invasion movie is that it jumps back and forth from the life before and the life after the invasion with scenes of the main characters at work and doing stuff. So much so that it gives you a headache trying to remember who is who so I gave up caring after 30 minutes and prayed for it to end.

The acting is something not seen in movies before. A level of 'bad' that will probably be a beloved genre of film in 100 years. Nobody seems a bit bothered that some really bad stuff is happening around them. Between the ones with the blank look on their faces and the ones supposedly OK there is no discernible difference. Our hero just blundered along with hardly a care as people lay dead around him and these really bad looking aliens killed people.

He hooked up with a completely emotionless group of survivors who try as they might were completely unable to look anything but people being paid very little to read the script and emote some kind of response to what was going on. They barely looked disturbed that an alien invasion was in progress.

Which brings up the point that the invasion was really badly put together. Something about the water and some weird looking monkey thing with a plastic ray gun and a weird hat. And why did they bother invading a house in the middle of nowhere guarded by a bloke with a shotgun and a limp. Surely that is taking thoroughness too far. There must have been far more important areas to invade? Of course our blundering hero was there so that probably covered it.

In the finale the hero blunders back to Salt Lake City and a rendezvous with his missus who was cheating on him anyway. Also her dog was poorly and her next door neighbours were dead.

Last few frames for a bit of emoting and that was it. It did serve one useful purpose though in that if we ever do get invaded by aliens ####don't forget to lock the back door.####