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Jakarta 2036. Alif, Lam and Mim are three friends from martial art school Al-Ikhlas. Alif chooses to become state apparatus. He is determined to eradicate all forms of crime and searching for the killers of his parents. Lam, becomes a journalist. While Mim chooses to serve as a teacher in their school. All three are reunited after the explosion of a bomb in a cafe.

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Alif Lam Mim movie full length review - fresh and engaging plot

Very interesting view about dystopia Indonesia, where liberation become new tyrant. I really like how this movie shows that good people is not just about dress, environment, and religion, but it is the matter of choices she/he take, and motivations.

I feel that the movie says deep down we are all fundamentalist, and to what value/belief we attach our fundamentalism define who we are and how we perceive others.

Religion and Government on opposition is very realistic setting if you living in Indonesia like i do, that may not make sense for people that come from place where secularism already become norm. And for secular people the movie may become history lesson instead of possible horrible future.