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A beautiful sexy DJ is forced to run when she stumbles on a stash of cash. Can she keep the money, conquer her demons, AND get the girl?

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All About E movie full length review - road trip caper.... down undah

SPOILERS "E" (Mandahla Rose) is a DJ down oondah in Australia, and when she accidentally takes her boss's bag of money, it turns her life upside down.

She loses her girlfriend Trish (Julia Billington), and freaks out her own parents by telling them they must go on holiday so her boss doesn't harm them. Her gay manager Matt (Brett Rogers) is also her best friend, but even that relationship is on the rocks. With all this going on, E and Matt hit the road with the stolen money, and hope for the best. So many bad decisions. Great outdoor scenery shots of the hot, dry, outback of Australia. You really feel the hot air and parched earth. Written and directed by Lousie Wadley, of Girls Own Productions, which you can read about here www.girlsown.com/about/ . Good story, fine acting performances by all. Lots of mournful clarinet music throughout, since E used to play the clarinet - an ongoing theme. The title was a little confusing, and that may have been intentional; i wasn't sure if it was a reference to ecstasy, or maybe a parody of All About Eve. it's neither one. An upbeat ending, which was nice. Story was a little far-fetched... would someone really put their own life, and the lives of her parental units in such danger when the solution to all this could have been reached much earlier? maybe. still interesting to watch.