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A lone, struggling addict takes on a dangerous underground criminal ring in his small Southern town to retrieve a stolen pendant he believes will save his marriage.

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All Mistakes Buried movie full length review - Perfectly human

One of those films that stays with you long after the credits have rolled; touching and truly human. The Aftermath is a beautiful film that shows the darker side of the human condition and the aftermath of a life changed in an instance.

Thoughtful from inception, The Aftermath is brilliantly directed and the cast, that is made up of industry natives and local newbies, give the film a sense of truth that is not easily achieved. The film captures the essence of a true to life fall through the rabbit hole where nothing is at it seems and everyone and everything around is not as it appears. A stunning performance by Sam Trammell makes it impossible to not believe him as the broken Sonny. Trammell, Shaun S. Sanghani, and Tim McCane make a great team and have yet again created a film that gives us no choice but to take notice.