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Five narcissistic roommates rife with animosity hastily conspire to pull off an underground rave party, without their elderly landlady knowing about it. Things spiral out of control and everyone gets a little more than they bargained for.

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All Out Dysfunktion! movie full length review - wild ride without a GPS

This is a film of twists and turns first funny, then sad and then crazy.

Its path is totally unpredictable.

The cast is diverse and made up largely of unknowns who deliver a good performance but you will still see a face or two that you have seen before.

I strongly recommend this flick to those who want to take a ride and end up scratching their head about where they are and how they got there at the end.

There are scenes that will remind many of their own life experiences: a) youth hiding porn from parents b) old folks sharing trials and tribulations c) parents trying to check on their kids away from home for the first time d) the party you can't remember but someone said you had fun

There's more but you need to see it for yourself.