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When Alvin's ceiling begins oozing sticky brown sludge, he finds a peculiar escape from his sheltered existence

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Alvin's Harmonious World of Opposites movie full length review - Eccentric, charming, and amusing

Alvin is an agoraphobic young guy who works at home as a translator; he hasn't left his apartment in months. We follow him in his offbeat daily routines and peculiar obsessions.

Unexpectedly we join Alvin in discovering another realm. That dream we have all had, of finding an extra room in our house or a new land reached through a wrinkle in space or time, gets a whimsical and fantastical exploration here. Teik Kim Pok as Alvin is amusing and expressive, making his character sympathetic whether he is experiencing the most mundane or the most surreal situations. The score adds to the idiosyncratic and charming tone of this unusual film.