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What happens when six lucky strangers, three handsome young guys and three beautiful sexy young women, from all over the world, win a random contest-- an all expenses paid trip to an amazing beach house in glamorous Malibu, California, thanks to a big Internet company--only to discover they have to share it with each other.

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American Beach House movie full length review - Oh my god!

Oh my god! That was one of the worst movies ever. I wanted to see Mischa Barton somewhere but I shouldn't do that. Everything in this movie is wrong. Actors, story.

I was so annoyed by this movie I had to skip some parts because I couldn't see the whole thing. It is called comedy but I didn't laugh. Parts with the old woman were terrible, I guess they thought this is very funny but it wasn't. And Lorenzo Lamas was terrible too. One little good thing was music - that was sometimes OK. But that isn't enough. I wanted to relax a little but I was just disappointed.

So warning to you all, you don't wanna see it - for your own good :D. My rate would be zero but it isn't possible so I gave 1.