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In her final year at school, Anthropology student Lorraine decides to film her final project - the subject of exorcism within the Catholic Church. Recording interviews with priests from the local diocese, she stumbles upon Fr. Byrne, an older priest who is currently helping a young mother whose daughter is apparently possessed by a demonic force. The curiosity of Lorraine, along with her camera operator, Cathal, leads them down a dark path of discovering the terrifying truth, and things go from strange to worse as all involved become entangled into a frightful journey to save a little girl's life.

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An Irish Exorcism movie full length review - Old Fashioned Scary Ghost Story

I saw an Irish Exorcism at this year's New Mexico Fright Fest. I wasn't expecting anything very special. However, the resulting movie was a great surprise.

The movie is presented as a documentary film made by an Anthropology student investigating exorcism. Although a 'found footage' movie, the movie feels more like a thriller, it's mood is very claustrophobic and the acting is all round good, however some actors are outstanding particularly the female lead Aislinn Ní Uallacháin, but Brian Fortune and Paddy C. Courtney also put in great performances.

The mood of the film is underpinned by the Irish countryside who is almost a character itself in the movie.

The story is very believable and suggests that the research is good. The writing is smart, engaging and knows it's onions. The viewer is treated to a movie that understands genre and understands economic use of story telling. It could be argued that Catholics make the best horror movies.

There are frights but there is also a good intelligent story, this is more The Exorcist than The Heretic. Check this film out, it's cool