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Ana Maria is having a bad day until she magically switches places with the main character of her favorite telenovela. As she struggles to escape from Novela Land, Ana Maria finally understands why her real life was such a mess.

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Ana Maria in Novela Land movie full length review - Edy Ganem is irresistible

I really like this film, it reminds me of some of the films that I liked where the characters wish that their life could be different and after their wish got miraculously gra

nted and they've experienced it, they want nothing more than to go back to their old life, movies like "Big" or even the recent "Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day" There's something enchanting about ANA MARIA IN NOVELA LAND. And I think the lead star, Edy Ganem's comedic timing is perfect, she's hilarious, she's drop dead beautiful, I can't keep eyes off of her, and I'd like to see her doing more movies like this. And on top of that, this film also features the late great Elizabeth Pena in one of her final performances, may she rest in peace.

The story essentially is about Ana Maria (Edy Ganem) who finds herself magically transported into her favorite telenovela, while the character from that show takes her place in the real world. Ana Maria at first enjoys her new life but finally understands why she needs to get back to her unglamorous real life.

Edy Ganem plays two characters in this film, which is a testament to the talent of this young beautiful actress. As the novela character, she's feisty, she feels entitled, Edy plays it with a level of arrogance that cracks you up. And as Ana Maria who finds herself in Novela Land, Edy is like a kid in a candy store or the buffet line, like what any one of us would do if we struck lottery jackpot and buy a Lamborghini with our rich new money the first chance we get. This is a story about self-realization, it's a story about family. There are parts in ANA MARIA IN NOVELA LAND that I think could've been trimmed down a bit, I think the conflict at the end could've been more well-written because it feels too drawn out, but for the most part, it seems that co-writer/director Georgina Riedel did her best with the budget she's given. I think the way the story goes back and forth from real world to novela land is quite balanced. I think such films as this, such films as ANA MARIA IN NOVELA LAND featuring a working class minority family played by talented actors who deserve more gigs, need to be championed and supported and I for one am rooting for it.

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