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Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor.

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Anesthesia movie full length review - Pain = Pain Reliever...or Prepare to Suffer

This is one of those Thoughtful "Good Try" Films that will be Proudly Ignored, Shunned, and Berated by the Masses as Pretentious Pandering to the Intellectuals and Targeted for Snobby Thinkers who Think Too Much and Look Down on those that don't Think Enough.

Like the "Machines" Generations that have Grown Up on 1's and 0's and Tiny Rectangular Devices that are Like Weapons some Alien Race would Covertly Introduce into Society to Extract the Soul and Take Over the Planet.

Everyone is "In Pain". Probably since the Beginning of Time because it is a "House of Pain" that is Our Home. Sure there's Pleasure but only for Balance. The Universal "Law" of Duality is Inescapable, things are Born (even stars), begin to Atrophy and Die, Not without much Pain in the Process.

This may be the most Compelling Argument for the Non-Existence of "God". Aside from a Jokester Creator, what sense, other than Sadism or Entertainment, would make the Creator of the Universe Stoop to the "Big things eating little things" to Survive, the MO of Existence. Philosophy Strains to Explain, and Religions Really Strain to Explain.

Writer/Director/Actor Tim Blake Nelson Really Really Strains to Explain in the Form of a Film that Wears its Pain on its Sleeve and is a Pain most of the Time Wallowing in the Non-Sense of it all (Life), and the Futility of Trying Trying Trying to Lecture when the Subject Matter has been Lectured to Death since Humans began to Think.

If this Sounds like Something You want to Wrap Your Head Around, this Movie's for You. But be Advised, it is Recommended You are "Comfortably Numb" while Viewing.

While the Movie makes No Bones that it is Thinking, and Thinking and Thinking, Philosophy, Religion, and yes, Screenplays can do No More than Present What is Happening but Not Why and Life most of the Time does Not End Pleasantly, like a Knife in the Back.