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Based on the book Core of Evil by Nigel McCrery. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lapslie and Sergeant Emma Bradbury are called to the scene of a car accident, but that's not the reason they are there. The accident uncovered the decomposed body of a woman. Lapslie, doesn't understand why the case has been assigned to him. DCI Lapslie is a solitary man, but not by choice. Living with a rare condition known as synaesthesia, he can literally taste sound. As he investigates, he is aware of being watched. Once he discovers there is a serial killer at work, his superiors want him to back off.

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Angel movie full length review - Psycho Horror meets Political Thriller

8.5 of 10. As you would expect from well-done horror, the true villain gets away and you wind up with a sort of tragic cliff hanger. As you'd expect in cheap horror, there are lots of clowns, but virtually no humor.

There's much more to this film than simple horror, a psycho serial killer, police detective, spy, or political drama. Thriller ends up capturing a complex film of government power corruption that's based on a book.

Set in the UK, if you don't have it spoiled by a poorly written review or excessive trailer, you also get the pleasure of not knowing what direction the story is going. The actors fit their roles and the sex and action come from unexpected angles. For horror fans and haters alike, the pain and gore aren't forced.

As a whole, a highly integrated, never boring story that defies standard film classifications.