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In Angels in the Snow, the affluent, yet troubled Montgomery family hits the road for a special Christmas in the mountains.

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Angels in the Snow movie full length review - The worst Christmas film I've seen. Has to be seen to be believed.

A family on the verge of a break up have their lives turned around when they take in another family for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I found this Christmas offering to be way too cheesy even for this genre. The writing is lazy, trite and predictable and the acting from all concerned leaves something to be desired. Rather than leave me with a warm glow this just made me feel intensely irritated.

The only plus points are the scenery at the very beginning and the cabin they stay in looks great. Apart from that there was nothing appealing about this film at all. I kept hoping it would improve but if anything it just got worse especially with the ridiculously over the top music at the moments of 'high drama'. Just when you think it can't get worse you have the most pathetic and dishonest endings I've ever seen.

There are hundreds of Christmas TV movies and every one of them is better than this garbage. Even for fans of the genre this one is going to be harder to swallow than a stale Turkey sandwich. Do yourself a favour and skip this one.