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Angie and Zahra are BFFL's - Best Friends For Life. Even if life is happening during a zombie apocalypse.

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Angie + Zahra movie full length review - Fun mix of teenage-style BFF material and zombie horror – not brilliant but fun

I watch a lot of short films and the main reason for this is that although it is a very crowded arena, you will find a lot of very creative and talented people working in there.

As a result, although I do not remember many names, there are some where I have seen many things from them and really have come to actively look for more ? Yulin Kuang is one of these. This short horror comedy is one from her, and it was a project that intrigued because it was such an odd mix, however she had combined other genres/material with Shipwreck comedy, so I was sure this would work too.

Mostly it does. The film sees two BFF's who are girls in their late teens (although the actresses are probably in their late 20's but have much better genes and fitness regimes than I!); they have the usual habits of such girls; boys, decorating their outfits and accessories, getting into college, dancing to music, and doing their makeup. However for Angie and Zahra, it just so happens that they hit this stage of their life at a time when aliens unleashed a zombie apocalypse on Earth. The mix of zombie movie with humor is not new, and indeed Shaun of the Dead has a very similar approach of delivering life as it was but in the context of zombie outbreak. In this case the film focuses on the characters of these two best- friends-forever, so the comedy does revolve around the problems of two college-aged girls but against that backdrop of survival in a terrifying wasteland. At times it does come over a bit silly, and the film would have benefited from a stronger core to it, however the setup is fun, the middle sequence has enough in the dialogue and action to engage, and the closing 'post-title' scene is fun.

Generally speaking it is a fun seasonal film with two fun performances and a good control over its tone. Fun is the key word here, even if it doesn't deliver much more than this, or make a really lasting impression.