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Every Tuesday night, radio talk show host Stevie Bricks invites his listeners to call in and share their stories. When one night he asks people to share the worst thing they’ve ever done, high school teacher Ron Welz can't resist. Big mistake—what he reveals sets off a chain of hilariously uncontrollable events adversely affecting his marriage and another couple. And when someone starts sending him body parts, his life really begins to fall apart. Who is tormenting him? An insolent high school student? His best friend? His wife? There are over eight million people in the Naked City, and everyone's a suspect.

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Applesauce movie full length review - Alternatives to war

Movie tells us what human beings do when someone takes their precious or most lovable thing from them that ruins their whole life.

It creates really funny scenes which are slowly making a change in Ron's head that whatever he thought of for alternative to war is wrong. He can't just negotiate if some one attacks and has ruined his life.

Revenge is the only option left he realizes but he used his own peculiar way. Don't know why though. Mixed thoughts can't put the movie review in simple words. It was worth to watch this movie.

The name isn't suitable to movie either. The actors acted really well specially the scene Ron's friends went to bathroom. Hilarious, in the end i would say adults must watch this movie as a couple don't watch it on double date. This can ruin friendships heehaws.