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A series of brutal murders of Polish women who secretly hiding in Sweden becomes the new A - team first case. The victims prove to be key witnesses in a major lawsuit against the Polish mafia . Three of them have been found murdered in the space of a few days , two missing and the hope is that they are still alive. Detective Kerstin Holm get command when the hunt for a ruthless killer and his shady victim begins.

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Arne Dahl - A Midsummer Night's Dream movie full length review - Just another generic cop show

I have enjoyed many Scandinavian crime and police drama's over the years and especially those on Four. I must say I wasn't expecting this second season to be as big a let down as it was throughout all the episodes I have seen (Ep 1-6)

Maybe I have been spoilt with the quality of other Scandinavian shows but this second season certainly doesn't reach that high quality I have come to expect.

As mentioned the show is very formulaic and almost 'dumbed down'.. It seems rather than try to emulate its previous season or it's peers this season is just copying the standard US approach to their 'cop shows'

There is a lot I don't like about this season but as I say I am comparing the show to what has come before rather than this type or genre of show generally.

Don't misunderstand I am by no means saying its poor just that it falls into the average type cop show.

I find myself more irritated by some aspects of this particular season than I ever have been with any other Scandinavian police or crime drama especially the characters and most notably the young new novice now part of the 'A Team' and her story lines.

There is so much more potential to this show but either the writers and/or the makers are too lazy to realize that potential or maybe they are trying to reach a new demographic who prefer this level of show... if the latter is true that might explain the inclusion of this new character and her overly played story lines in every episode so far.

IMHO if you enjoy the usual type of Scandinavian police or Crime shows like Wallander, The Bridge, The Killing etc then this will disappoint. If you are looking for a more generic type US cop show then you wont be disappointed.