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Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

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Arrival movie full length review - gewesen gegenwärtigen zukunft

I will not start talking about the details of the script I will talk about those parts, which I think are harder to understand.

Main hero of the movie is Louisa, linguist, who is in a depression because of the death of her daughter. Louisa is nihilistic towards the world but "there are some facts in the world, which you can't evade and you can't shut your eyes on them". This kind of fact for Louisa is the arrival of aliens on earth. Louisa is elected to communicate with them, because she is the best linguist of country. Louisa establishes contact with aliens, which give her some kind of gift. By this gift Louisa starts to see the future and some illusions start to come to her concerning some child. At first personally I thought that this is a child that she will have from Ien in future (and it really is so), but I thought that this is her second child, that she will gave birth after the death of the first one. But it's not that easy. Actually Louisa has only one child, that she will have from Ien after aliens leave earth and which also dies in the future. But here arises several questions. Before the arrival of aliens Louisa is in depression, for the loss of her daughter, it seems she already sees the future and feels the pain of a loss. How can Louisa see the future when she hasn't yet received this talent from guests? How can she see the future before she has received this vision? This case is not the one that might be beyond logic. Thing is, that the gift that is conferred from aliens provides such a possibility. Talent received from them is not that you can just see the future, it's essence is that you can perceive your existence as a whole. Existence of a human is of this kind, it exists in a wholeness, we just haven't have an ability to perceive it as such. Time for a men is not a whole, it is divided and torn. But Louisa is conferred with an ability to perceive it in wholeness. Consequently, nonetheless, that she received this gift for example in 2016 this doesn't mean that she couldn't have used it in 2010. On one moment of her life she received the talent to perceive this life in wholeness and thereby it turns out, that she always had and will always have it. According to the nature of this talent she has it already, before she received it in her torn time. By the spoiled, human time this is impossible, but this is possible, for a true, whole time. Not only human time and human person is torn, torn is also human language and humanity itself. Humans can't hear each other, can't talk to each other. Fact, that humanity talks in many different languages is only an expression, that humans can't communicate with each other in inner dimension. When I say that humans can't understand each other I don't only mean that they can't understand each other, because they just speak in different languages. In a camp where there was participating representatives of twelve countries everyone could understand what others were saying, there was an ongoing translation and there were many professional linguists, nonetheless they couldn't understand each other, all the twelve stations refused to communicate, humanity has divided. This happened exactly because they couldn't hear to each others inner, spiritual voice, no one has seen another as a whole being, as a person, but everyone was competing with each other and in spite of an outer unity internally everyone tried to surpass and defeat the other, to say short they didn't love each other. Why exactly Louisa? Why did aliens award exactly Louisa and not someone else? Perhaps this is not accidental. As we know Louisa is a linguist and as it turns out the best one in her country and maybe in the world too. As I said, lingual separation is an outer expression of the fact, that humans are separated within. But Louisa owing to her knowledge had best of all restored this outer separation in herself. By knowing a language, by speaking in it man "restarts his mind" and in this way he unites different cultures. Maybe this all was a prerequisite that she could also overcome her inner separation and for Louisa's effort that was expressed in the knowledge of languages, she was chosen as an addressee of a gift. I think more essential and significant in this movie is something different. In a dialogue with Louisa aliens tell her, that they are helping humans, in order that humans will help them in future. How can humans help beings that surpass them with such a level? Certainly here is not meant nothing material i.e. nothing that you can take away by force, physically. If it would be this way they would need nothing to teach or give away as a gift, they would take it away from humans without a single contact. it seems they need from humans, that, which those latter will achieve when they will exist as a whole, only after overcoming the division in a human reality. It seems that they can be helped not by the human existing by body and matter, as they appeared before them at the present, but by the one who exists by soul and spirituality, like one they see in the future. Cosmos, aliens, god needs a help of a human, but of a whole man, which means not the corporal one, that speaks with a language of a weapon and power, but the one that speaks with a language of love and peace. Prototype of this man in the movie is named Louisa, who overcomes the division of time, and sees future as present of a past, that is gewesen gegenwärtigen zukunft.