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A man hunts divine beings in a city that is falling into decrepitude. The society may have turned its back on him, but that doesn't stop him from moving forward in his endless search.

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As They Continue to Fall movie full length review - An original, thought provoking short film

From the opening scene to the last words uttered, this short film captivates and excels. The cinematography sets up a bleak portrait of a lonesome survivor, fighting tirelessly in a future dystopia.

Rather than bombard you with unnecessary backstory, the writers of this film instead invite you to create your own scenarios that could have led to such a dark future. The one flashback sequence brings up images of a boy possessed with a power he can't understand, leading others to call him crazy. This was enough backstory to have me running through possible situations and explanations for everything else I saw in the film.

What stands out most to me in this film is how well the effects resonate with the overall tone of the film. Normally seen as guardian figures, the angels in this are dark and downright scary. That, along with a very convincing lead role, set up an entirely believable and immersive world. I can only hope that this becomes a full length production, as there are many questions and ideas that come to mind when the six minutes are over. All in all, one of the best short films I've seen and I will be keeping an eye out for more!