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Legendary hitman Vet Jones never expected to accept another mission. But when his son fails to assassinate an important target, and a powerful crime boss gives Jones an ultimatum - finish the job or his son dies - Jones has no choice but to accept. After realizing the target is innocent, Jones tries to change his mission in order to protect the target - but can he save her life as well as the life of his son?

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Assassin's Game movie full length review - Lame Assassins In A Lame Game

Assassins Game is an action film starting Tom Sizemore, Vivica A. Fox and Bai Ling amongst others. It concerns a a retired Hit-man called Vet Jones (played by Mark Mikita) who is working as a janitor.

He has to perform one last job otherwise his son dies. This is because his son is also a member of a gang of assassins that botched up an assignment at the beginning of the movie. As the movie progresses it becomes apparent that Vet Jones plans on saving both his son and their apparent target so he is in fact the heroic Hit-man of this movie.

Bai Ling plays the bodyguard tasked with protecting the target played by Vivica A. Fox whom the main villain El Viejo (played by Tom Sizemore) wants taken out. He also suspects that Jones might try and double cross him so he sends his main henchman and other assassins after both the original targets and the squad he sent out in the first place. That's about it. There is not much of a plot or in-depth characters development. The story is not great or original and most of the actors are relative unknowns (other than the three main names mentioned above).

To be fair, the action is plentiful but ultimately not enough to carry the movie. It gets boring and repetitive after awhile. Sure, there is a lot of shooting, fighting, a large body count, and music pumping in the background but this does not make up for the things that this film lacks, mainly a decent story and good acting. Unfortunately Tom Sizemore who used to act in good movies can't save this film either. He looks menacing in the beginning but his gun waving routine gets repetitive quite quickly as well. Overall this movie should be avoided. There are better action flicks out there that one could spend time watching. A 2.5/10.