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When a lifeguard catches wind of a dangerous anomaly off the coast of San Diego, she commissions a band of unlikely heroes to assist her on a suicide mission to save the west coast from total destruction.

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Atomic Shark movie full length review - Atomic sharks? Sure, why not...

And just when you thought you had seen every conceivable type of shark that Hollywood could spew out, then "Atomic Shark" comes to take a bite out of you.

But let's be honest, with a title such as "Atomic Shark", then you know pretty much what kind of movie that you will be in for. And let me tell you right away, that this is exactly that kind of movie. No surprises there.

The special effects in "Atomic Shark" were as questionable as the title of the movie. The sharks were quite fake and so poorly animated that it was actually fun to watch. And that is one of the reasons why these cheesy creature features have that appeal, they are so poor that they are fun to watch. And "Atomic Shark" more than delivers on that account.

The story told in "Atomic Shark" is about a San Diego lifeguard with family problems whom discover that the waters of San Diego is the hunting ground for a particularly dangerous shark; a shark that has been exposed to atomic radiation.

Right, well the storyline was as to be expected; a no-brainer. The storyline was actually very generic as these movies tend to be, so there were no deviation from the 'how-to-make-a-shark-creature-feature' manual here.

What puzzled me in "Atomic Shark", aside from the very plausibility of the entire concept of the shark and its existence, was the fact that Jeff Fahey starred in something like this. Aside from that, then it was actually a blast to see David Faustino here, I think I have only seen him in a single movie or so since he was on "Married With Children".

"Atomic Shark" is another of those movies that you watch just because you have the chance, and because you know it is going to be another one of those low budget, awful special effects, movies that many watch but few talk about. There is nothing new to the genre to be found in "Atomic Shark". We watch these movies because sometimes they might actually turn out to be surprisingly nice; "Atomic Shark" wasn't one of those movies.