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David Attenborough tells the remarkable story of how these " birds of paradise " have captivated explorers , naturalists, artists, filmmakers and even royalty.

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Attenborough's Paradise Birds movie full length review - A Lifetime of Passion: Sir Attenborough and the Birds of Paradise

This is like the now-proverbial Godfather offer- one you cannot refuse. Every lover of natural history/wildlife shows is aware of the passionate pleasure and sense of wonder Sir Attenborough derives from his encounters with these beautiful, otherworldly creatures.

He has visited them time and again and shared his wealth of knowledge with us. This is perhaps his most captivating and final foray into this increasingly threatened wilderness. Shot in amazing detail in vivid HD, it is an absolute treat to the eyes and ears, a must-watch. He describes in some detail how the early explorers and Zoologists discovered them and studied them in detail over generations. Sir Attenborough also recounts his early documentaries on the birds of paradise with nostalgic footage from them. He also shows how the culture of primitive human communities inhabiting these areas was inspired by these beautiful creatures. And how increasing human population, new settlements, urbanization and deforestation are destroying their habitats and directly pushing them towards extinction. Highly recommended.