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The story of two teenage girls who went to parties, drank alcohol, passed out, and were sexually assaulted by guys they thought were their friends. In the aftermath, both girls discovered that the crimes were documented on cell phones. Video and pictures were passed around. Their lives were changed forever.

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Audrie & Daisy movie full length review - MUST WATCH! This movie makes my blood boil!

Firstly, my rating of the movie is no means a reflection of my stance on the issue.

The subject of the movie is gripping and definitely an eye-opener. However, my beef is with the storytelling. It lacks the fluidity that it sometimes took away the "punch" that the subject is capable of delivering. There were times (especially in the first part) were the movie jumps from one POV to another that it felt disjointed.

But this movie is still potent and if you have the patience to finish it, two things stand out:

1- Technology has enabled teens to take bullying to alarming heights. One can argue that there is technology by itself is not evil but those who use it. BUT these are children we are talking about... children who are yet to come to terms with the full responsibility of free speech and free information. Just like how parents try to control the movie/shows that their children consume, parents now have an added responsibility of making sure they censor the information they access through social media and the internet. It's scary how these kids use technology (without even thinking) to scar each other... scars which they will carry to adulthood.

It's also alarming how our understanding of reality is shifting. Before the internet, news organizations have the responsibility of distributing the truth behind each news. But with the proliferation of different social media, there's an amount of mob mentality. The side which gets the most "share" or "likes" becomes the "truth"... which is okay if everyone is responsible and accountable to whatever they post and broadcast on their profiles. But alas, we're still far from that day.

2- In this day and age, it's repugnant to see that rape/sexual assault victims are still treated like they are partly responsible for what happened. This was most pronounced in Daisy Coleman's case. I cannot fathom how the whole town turned on her. She's only 14!!! Even if it was consensual, it is not okay for an older guy to have sex with a 14 year old(in this case, 17 years old... underage but he still should have known better)! And the fact that she was intoxicated, it means she's not in her right mind to consent to anything which makes it RAPE! The physical evidence is there! There's also an eyewitness account! It's mind boggling how the sheriff and the DA did not find any case against Matt B! The movie ended harping on this note. It's definitely a powerful message. However, I think it should have brought both points together. After all, the movie is not just about rape/sexual assault. It's about a much larger issue: The vulnerability of children to ANY kind of assault (sexual or otherwise) in the age of social media. I kinda wish the directors offered an actionable message that we can unite behind.

My heart bleeds for Audrie, Daisy and all the girls... but more so for a whole generation of kids who are exposed to an unfiltered world even before they are ready.

Lastly, I hope the sheriff and the whole town of Maryville watches this and FINALLY realize what they have overlooked!