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The story of two teenage girls who went to parties, drank alcohol, passed out, and were sexually assaulted by guys they thought were their friends. In the aftermath, both girls discovered that the crimes were documented on cell phones. Video and pictures were passed around. Their lives were changed forever.

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Audrie & Daisy movie full length review - Should be mandatory viewing in schools...

In some ways the most horrifying aspects of this film are not the details of what happened but the aftermath.

In the case of Daisy Coleman, the community and local law enforcement colluded to shield the young men and shame and exclude the Coleman family. The Sheriff all but stated the two girls were somehow equally responsible for what happened and that Melinda Coleman was nutty. In the case of Audrey Potts the two main participants came across as completely lacking in remorse of understanding. At one point on of the two young men involved in the Potts assault says the biggest thing he learned out of the experience was that "girls gossip and boys are more laid back". Most people with any empathy will want to punch both the Mayor and Sheriff in the face. Maryville Missouri looks like a pretty corrupt place. The Potts lost their daughter and the reality is assaults against young women especially when alcohol is involved happen every day.

The one hopeful thing that comes out of this is that Coleman, the Potts family and others have all become advocates for others.