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With plans to leave their small town, teenage loves Annie and Ben elope. Their big city plans are halted, though, when Annie's parents have the marriage annulled. Ben moves to New York, while Annie stays in Iowa to help her family. Fifteen years later, both engaged to their respective fiancés, the two discover that their annulment was never finalized. They reunite to make their divorce legal, but begin to reminisce about what could have been. When romantic feelings resurface, Annie and Ben must decide if their past love could be the love of their future.

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Autumn Dreams movie full length review - Above average Hallmark movie

This Hallmark movie is better than the usual over sweet romance they churn out.

A teenage couple in a farm in Iowa elope but her father breaks them up because they are too young. 15 years later the annulment was never filed so they meet up again. He's a success in NYC and she is still farming away. Of course you know what happens. It's nice that nobody is a villain here especially the other parties that are in love with the couple. The way the situation unfolds is quite well done without too many clichés or painful awkward moments. The 2 stars are fairly likable too - Jill Wagner and Colin Eggelsfield.

The only problem is where are they going to live after that? He can't give up Manhattan!