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An American photographer adrift in a remote Icelandic community becomes entangled in the lives of a mysterious European couple.

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Autumn Lights movie full length review - A conversational drama with a bit of mystery

Autumn Lights is a drama about the main character, David, who is on a work-related vacation in Iceland. The movie focuses on his interactions with the people who live near his vacation house. Since it is a remote location in Iceland, he frequently meets up with a couple, Johann and Marie.

The Good:

A lot of the conversations that were had in this movie will be very relevant to most people and it gives the viewer some food for thought when they leave the theater.

The actors were able to communicate their characters' thoughts and feelings about a situation with just a look on their face. This allows for quiet moments of tension that enhance the tone of the movie.

The Bad:

The overarching plot is a paint-by-numbers of many movies that came before it which led this one to be predictable.

The actors all give subdued performances. Most, if not all, of the dialogue has a monotone delivery which removes some of the emotional punch that could have been present. The director attended the screening I was at and he said he wanted the actors to give quiet performances because it adds to the mystery and depth of each character. This would have been a plus if it was applied to maybe just one character and not all of them.

Overall, if you like movies that are more focused on the conversations that the characters have than the actual plot, you will most likely find some enjoyment from this one. If you don't like slow-paced dramas, I would stay away from this one because it's nothing you haven't seen before.